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Women empowerment

Women Empowerment


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This is an area I'd like to get involved not because I have been unfairly treated. On the contrary, I have benefitted from many amazing opportunities throughout my career.

On many occasions, especially outside Europe, I have been told by the junior female teams I work with how important and inspiring it was for them to see me and other females reaching leadership positions.  While many organisations are not overtly unfair towards their female workers or minority groups, there seems to be a common assumption (or feeling) that they could not ask even when they saw an opportunity that they were interested in. 

The feedback of these female teams reminds me of the importance of having an environment that makes the employees feel encouraged and valued.

Diversity in the leadership teams means both opportunity and hope for these employees. It brings greater depth and breadth of experience and perspective. Therefore I’d like to offer to work with clients to help you identify opportunities and put in place measures to inspire the new generation - to help more spread their wings in a positive environment.

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