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Creating an unforgettable performance on stage need talented performers, creativity, meticulous planning and a good handle of all the elements backstage.

Improving the performance of a business is in fact one of the most fascinating areas of consulting, as one gets the chance to deep dive into a business and helps to find new opportunities or new ways of doing things to achieve specific growth ambition. Never a boring assignment in my experience.

Focus on growth

In most cases, clients have pretty strong hypotheses where they'd like to go and seek help to work out the detail and the how. In those cases, making actionable recommendations is the most important.

Whether it is developing a new value proposition, reshaping the channel strategy or redesigning the customer relationship model, ensuring a good buy-in of the recommendation while communication the implementation implications are a key part of my role in order to prevent the hard work from becoming a set of slides gathering dust.

That's also why instead of delivering "the" answer, I prefer to focus on the options. I believe clients will have a stronger chance of success when they have been on the same journey and have thought through the options themselves and, based on their criteria and understanding of the implications, choose the way forward as a team.

If you are interested in any specific case example I have, do get in touch.

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