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Communication and Engagement

Communication and Engagement


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Having been involved in some intensive restructuring, turnaround and transformation exercises, I have seen it first hand how essential good communication is in those exercises. 

A theoretical definition of good communication can be found everywhere - Google generated 16,300,000,000 results in 0.61 seconds!  In my experience, "good" communication tends to be - consistent, carefully crafted, sensitive, authentic, and most importantly - done personally by the senior executives and leaders at all levels on a regular basis - singing from the same hymn sheet!

Launching communication without the mechanism for feedback risks being just another announcement. On the other hand, acknowledging the achievements and the concerns of the audience can unlock a vault of support.

I work with clients to develop compelling narratives. I also put in place toolkits and organise events. Sometimes I manage the production of specific assets such as short films, posters, newsletters. Every little detail matters.

Communication is not just some softy optional stuff. Think about the engine oil to a car. You can mobilise through authentic communication.

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