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Startups and Charities


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Startups play a super important role in delivering innovations and creating job opportunities. A startup’s business model evolves rapidly, literally on a day to day basis - speaking from the experience of a founder of a business that has many entrepreneurs on the network. How to take into account the medium term considerations while responding to the opportunities with agility is both an art and a science. Having a sounding board is therefore a healthy arrangement.

Charities provide much needed services where the government authorities are not able or willing to fund. Not only that the charitable giving market is highly competitive, for those that depend on their charity shops revenue, they are now facing the uncertainty of the high streets. In the meantime, some lack the resource or capabilities to grow their digital presence to capture the online opportunities in both fundraising and in retail.  That’s also why many are trying to attract and recruit the volunteers that bring in the skillset and experience they need.

As a business mentor, a startup owner, a charity trustee and a NGO advisor, I understand very well why startups and charities cannot prioritise their resources for consultants. I am prepared to help where possible – more to broaden my own horizon by working with those who are committed to make a difference.

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